A Disc Golf course is a great addition to any piece of land. You can install a course almost anywhere. Parks, private land, recreational areas, or even thick forests.


Disc golf is an activity for everyone.

It’s an inexpensive way to attract visitors to local parks and outdoor areas. Areas that have heavy traffic are good for exposure, and areas that have lost their mojo, can be reimagined with a disc golf course. Disc Golf is not only an affordable means of fun exercise, it can be enjoyed by friends and families alike regardless of age, experience, and skill level.



A Championship level, 18 hole disc golf course will average around one to two acres per hole, whereas a simple beginner friendly 9 hole course can be u lized on as little as five acres. Wooded areas, rolling hills, creeks, and ponds can all be aesthe – cally pleasing for a great course.

Course Design

A good, quality course design will ensure the overall success of a course. Having the best baskets, tee signs, and tee pads is important, but the overall design is what will bring players back to your course, increase the popularity of the facility, and also ensure accessibility for all it’s users.


Baskets are an important aspect of your course. There’s a small handful of great catching, highly visible targets on the market, that are Championship level approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association. Ask your course designer and local professional to recommend a target to suit your facility.

Tee Signs

Proper signage is key to a complete course. Detailed information such as par, distance, and out of bounds description is mandatory on all quality courses. Tee signs will also help with navigation of your course for the players.

Tee Pads

Tee pads are the final step that should be installed after completion of basket installation. A non-slick, slip resistant surface is suggested. Concrete tee pads are typical on the majority of courses and can vary in size. Shorter, beginner-friendly style courses should be no smaller than 1.5 x 3 meters , whereas Championship level courses should average around 1.5 x 4.5 meters.